Security Systems & Cameras


We can install a Security System and Cameras to monitor your business. You can even log on remotely to monitor your premises off site. Any brand any technology!



Digital Recorders

Cabling and Connectivity

Management Software

Remote Monitoring

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Network IP Cameras

To help you take advantage of the reach and efficiency of digital IP networks. IP-based cameras can be easily incorporated into new and existing installations. These include fixed,
mini-dome, P-T-Z, vandal-proof, and mega-pixel camera models.


Network Video Recorders Multifunction network recorders provide the capabilities to maximize both flexibility and scalability to meet users needs. Combining high image quality and reliability, these secure and user-friendly network recorders are specifically designed for surveillance purposes.
Video Servers

MPEG encoder/decoders enable you to easily transmit high-quality video signals over greater distances than with conventional networking


Management Software

Management software is designed to enhance camera and recorder operation. It assists in system integration by allowing the download of images from remote cameras, control of multiple remote cameras or recorders, and aids in single screen display of multiple channels at once.


Ability to register multiple cameras and recorders

Real-time monitoring and recording

Comprehensive control of cameras

Flexible network design



Superior image quality and reliability for any surveillance application.

Housing and Mounting Brackets We provide the right camera housings and mounting brackets to suit your security needs. Marrying technology with your décor, We consider every application requirement. Both indoor and outdoor installations are available.