eCare-AZXnetworks Remote Desktop Support

AZXnetworks offers customers a simple, fast and secure remote desktop support option to onsite support calls. With your permission and download of the file below, AZXnetworks Support Staff will briefly take control of your computer to fix your problem.


Customer Authorization

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PO Number:
Authorization Code:
Issue Subject:
I agree to the terms:
Press button to accept:  


Download Software

Executable File:  RUN eCare  (Authorization accepted)

eCare Support eCare Support  (Authorization accepted)



Download Software for Mobile Support

Executable File:  RUN eCare MOBILE  (Authorization accepted.)


Simple Steps for Setting Up and Stopping Your Session

  Click on RUN eCare to download software once instructed by your Support Specialist or RUN eCare MOBILE if instructed so.
Select "Run" when asked "Do you want to Run or Save this file?" (Or click "Open" on Windows 2000 systems)
Select "Run" when asked "Are you sure you want to run this software?"
Double-click on the "Connect to Remote Support" connection.
To disconnect your session at any time, simply right-click on the green or orange "U" located in the System Tray at the bottom right corner of your screen and select "Close."


Features include:

Cost Savings - Quicker response time and reduced travel expense.

Security - 128-bit encryption from AZXnetworks to your desktop.

User Control - You watch every action and may disconnect at any time.

Non-Intrusive - There is no installation script or registry modification.

Single Session - The small download runs in memory, releasing when the session is finished.

Download Software Compressed

Compressed File: eCare ZIP  (Authorization accepted)
Compressed File: eCare MBL ZIP  (Authorization accepted)